Pure Posture

Is your posture a literal "pain in the neck"?

Do you worry about how your rounded shoulders or forward head posture will affect you as you age?

Is your "mom posture" causing aches and pains throughout your body?

Do you wake up sore or often "put your back out" (or neck)?

Perfect Posture??

Perfect posture may not be necessary or achievable. But having a body that doesn't keep you from your desired life is definitely possible.

Your posture can affect seemingly unrelated parts of your body from the arches of your feet to headaches or TMJ pain.

Strengthening your body will help ensure that you will be able to lift, twist, jump or run without risking injury.

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You will learn...

Why your breathing affects your posture

How to correct your breathing for optimum alignment and muscle activation

What exercises will support good posture

How to adapt your daily movements for good posture

You will receive...

Individual assessment

Personalized workout to address you body's needs

Videos to support your home practice

Print-outs for tracking progress, goal-setting, and motivational journaling

Facebook group for accountability, community, questions, assessments, and exercise troubleshooting

Join me for this 4-week program

New content will be available every week.

You may post questions and videos in the FB group to get help and feedback on your exercises.

This course is not designed to "perfect your posture in 4 weeks". It is meant to give you a large chunk of information and many exercises and tools over a 4-week period in order to facilitate your journey.

Remember, you didn't get poor posture overnight, so you can't expect it to improve that quickly.

There is no magic pill to give us strength and confidence in our bodies, but this is the next best thing!


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