Diastasis Cinch

Have you been diagnosed or self-diagnosed with diastasis recti?

Do you have a belly pooch no matter how much you exercise or what you eat?

Does your core feel weak?

Do you avoid certain activities because you don't feel strong enough or experience aches and pains after?

How would you like to...

Trim your waistline?

Shrink your belly pooch?

Have a rock-solid core?

Experience the freedom to do any activity you want without the risk of injury?

avocado, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, spring onions, and leaves

In this series you will learn WHY you have diastasis and the reason that traditional core exercises may be preventing you from healing.

You will learn WHAT exercise will strengthen your core from the inside.

And you will learn HOW to incorporate healthy movement for a strong and dynamic core and pain free movement.

You will receive...

Individual assessment

Personalized workout to address you bodies needs

Videos to support your home practice

Print-outs for tracking progress, goal-setting, and motivational journaling

Facebook group for accountability, questions, assessments, and exercise troubleshooting

Join me for this 6-week program

New content will be available every week.

You may post questions and videos in the FB group to get help and feedback on your exercises.

This course is not designed to "heal your diastasis/get amazing abs in 6 weeks". It is meant to give you a large chunk of information and many exercises and tools over a 6-week period in order to facilitate your journey.

Remember, you didn't get diastasis overnight, so you can't expect it to improve that quickly.

There is no magic pill to give us strength and confidence in our bodies, but this is the next best thing!


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2-Payment Plan


Billed monthly

Pay $125 now, and $125 in 30 days