Strength for Motherhood

Strong body. Resilient mind. Lasting change.

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Imagine being able to lift and carry your child, run, jump, play, and sneeze without leaks, aches or pains!

This workshop series can get you on track to feeling stronger and more confident in your body, as long as you are willing to put in the work.

Never considered yourself and exercise person? That's ok! Learn how to build new habits and routines so that "I just don't have time" is no longer your default response.

Strength for Motherhood


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I want you to know, the transition to motherhood kicked my ass - physically, mentally, emotionally. In the first two years I experienced depression, anxiety, chronic back and neck pain, low self-esteem, and the all-too-common "sneeze pee".

To be honest, I had experienced it all before, except the last one. That was the final straw. I knew I needed to get help. My journey for a cure for incontinence lead me down the most unexpected path of self discovery and transformation.

It is my passion and mission in life to help women overcome the physical, mental, and emotional challenge of becoming a mother.

Are you ready for transformation?

Claim Your Mother Lovin' Life

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, broken, alone, or lacking support, connection and joy?

Discover a holistic approach to creating strength, pleasure, joy and connection in your life. 

How would your life be different if...

you had the energy to play and connect deeply with your child(ren)?

you had the desire to connect and be intimate with your partner and experience pleasure regularly?

your body felt healthy and strong?

you went through your days with pleasure and ease?

you had a community of people you love and respect that supported you as a woman and as a mother?

you were able to know what you needed and were able to ask for and receive support?

Learn how to...

connect to yourself so that you can integrate and resolve your identity as a woman and a mother

connect with others to grow your own community and be seen and supported 

embody and experience pleasure, joy, or anything else that is lacking in your life

strengthen your body to reduce symptoms of diastasis, prolapse, leaking, aches and pains

Find out how you can achieve the life and freedom you desire.

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Strength for Motherhood

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